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General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions General terms and conditions of Sprissler Medien & Marketing GmbH for ordering articles

by mail Scope
These general terms and conditions shall apply for all current and future mail orders by consumers from Sprissler Medien & Marketing GmbH. Consumers in the sense of these general terms and conditions shall be natural persons with whom a business relationship is established without it being possible to impute any commercial or self-employed business activity to these persons. The purchaser in the sense of these general terms and conditions shall be the consumer.

Our offers shall be subject to change. We reserve the right to make print-related changes and changes to the shape, colour and/or weight insofar as these are reasonable.

Purchase price
The purchase prices quoted include the statutory value-added tax.
Any orders are generally shipped after pre-payment.

Conclusion of the contract
By placing an order for goods, the purchaser shall declare bindingly that they want to purchase the ordered goods. We can declare our acceptance of the order either in writing or by supplying the goods to the purchaser.
The contract  shall be concluded subject to our suppliers supplying us properly and on schedule. This shall apply only in cases where we are not responsible for non-delivery.
In such a case we shall inform the purchaser without delay about the non-availability of the goods. The purchase price and remuneration for ancillary services shall be reimbursed without delay.

Shipping costs
We shall deliver free of charge when the order value is EUR 40,- or higher. For orders with a lower goods value we shall charge a flat rate of EUR 8.00 for delivery outside Germany.

Retention of title
We shall retain the title to the goods until the purchase price and the remuneration for ancillary services have been fully paid. The purchaser shall be obliged to notify us without delay of any access to the goods by third parties, for example in the case of a court order, of any damage to the goods and if the goods are destroyed. If the purchaser should behave in a manner which is contrary to the contract, we shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract and to demand the goods be returned.

Returning goods
The purchaser shall have the right to return the goods within two weeks of receiving them. Used audio and data media shall be excluded from this provision.
The right to return goods shall be put into practice by returning them. The time limit shall be complied with if the goods are sent in time.

Costs of returning goods
When the right to return goods is put into practice, the costs of returning them shall be borne by the purchaser in the case of orders valued up to EUR 20.00 unless the goods supplied differ from the goods ordered. We shall bear the costs of returning goods in the case of orders worth over EUR 20.00. The costs shall be borne by reimbursing the amount to a bank account whose details must be given to us. The correct postage must be affixed to all return deliveries; parcels which are not or only insufficiently prepaid shall not be accepted.

Liability of the purchaser
If the goods have deteriorated following proper use of them by the purchaser, the purchaser must provide compensation for lost value.
This shall not apply if the deterioration results from a careful and thorough examination of the goods.

Payment of the remuneration
The remuneration shall consist of the purchase price and remuneration for ancillary services. The purchaser can pay the remuneration by cash on delivery (only in Germany) or credit card. When payment is made by cash on delivery, an additional DHL fee of at present EUR 2.00 shall be due. This shall not be included in our bill. When payment is made by direct debit and incorrect account details are specified or reverse postings are required for which we do not bear responsibility, back posting fees from the bank (at least EUR 6.00) shall also be charged. We shall retain the right to refuse to use the direct debit procedure in individual cases.

Passing of risk
The risk of the purchased item by change happening to perish or deteriorate shall be passed on to the purchaser when the goods are handed over.
For the handover it shall be irrelevant if the purchaser is delayed in accepting the purchased item.

The purchaser shall not receive any guarantees in the legal sense from us. Manufacturer guarantees shall remain unaffected by this. If the goods are defective, the purchaser shall initially have the choice of whether supplementary performance should be provided by having the defect rectified or by means of a replacement delivery. However, we shall be entitled to reject the type of supplementary performance.